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NETFLIX Into the Breach Review: Battle Aliens in This Roguelike Game

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Description NETFLIX Into the Breach Review: Battle Aliens in This Roguelike Game

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  • Explore this classic game by Subset Games and take on alien invaders.

    NETFLIX Into the Breach, the sequel to FTL: Advanced Edition, has made a notable entrance thanks to indie studio Subset Games. It’s available on multiple platforms, including Netflix Games, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. In this review, we’ll provide our initial impressions of NETFLIX Into the Breach, covering various crucial aspects.

    Genre Introduction

    Let’s begin with a brief introduction to the genre of NETFLIX Into the Breach. If you’re a seasoned gamer, you’re likely familiar with roguelike games, such as dungeon crawlers—a classic genre in the gaming world. Set against a fantasy backdrop, featuring turn-based gameplay and grid-based movement, this game falls within the roguelike category. Players can quickly determine if it aligns with their gaming preferences.

    Battle Aliens

    Gameplay Overview

    Now, let’s delve into the captivating backstory of Into the Breach. The game unfolds as humanity faces an invasion by colossal aliens known as Vek. To combat this threat, our human forces deploy three formidable mechs, which rely on power grids strategically positioned on grid-like battlefields. Throughout the game, players must not only vanquish the Vek but also ensure the safety of their troops and protect vital power grids.

    Battle Aliens

    Upon entering Into the Breach, players are granted access to two free squads. However, additional squads can be unlocked as you progress. Why the need for different squads? Well, enemies come with a variety of damage types and abilities, requiring mechs with corresponding collaborative capabilities to effectively counter the Vek.

    Game Map

    Similar to FTL, Into the Breach features a map divided into multiple islands, each housing diverse battle scenarios. Players gain the freedom to choose which islands to challenge once they complete the initial level. However, a lost battle may result in the sacrifice of a mech or the loss of critical power grids.

    Battle Aliens

    Feedback from numerous players suggests that the key strategy revolves around minimizing Vek damage and seizing positional advantage. Moreover, each battle offers ample time for players to devise and execute their tactics.

    Visual Excellence

    The visuals in Into the Breach immediately captivate with their clarity and high definition. The game cleverly blends a dark background with vibrant elements. Notably, the focus is primarily on the battles themselves. Given the game’s time-travel setting, the simplistic backdrop almost resembles a spatiotemporal tunnel, effectively immersing players in the heat of battle.

    Battle Aliens

    However, some may find the limited size of the battleground to be somewhat restrictive, potentially diminishing the overall enjoyment.

    In Conclusion

    In summary, Into the Breach is undoubtedly a turn-based strategy game worthy of exploration. It boasts retro roguelike visuals, challenging levels, and the noble goal of safeguarding humanity in a distant future.

    Battle Aliens

    One point to note is that a Netflix account login is required to initiate the game.


    • A captivating turn-based strategy game
    • Emphasis on strategic planning
    • Retro roguelike visuals


    • Includes in-game purchases
    • Requires a Netflix account for login


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