Lost Light Review

Lost Light Review: A Dynamic Survival Shooter with Intricate Gameplay

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Description Lost Light Review: A Dynamic Survival Shooter with Intricate Gameplay

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  • Explore a harrowing world where perilous challenges await at every turn!

    Lost Light, the post-apocalyptic looter shooter unveiled by NetEase Games just days ago, has garnered the attention of eager gamers. While it bears resemblances to titles like PUBG, Escape From Tarkov, and NetEase’s mobile shooters in terms of graphics, it brings refreshing innovations to the genre. From a revamped health system to an intricate inventory and crafting system, Lost Light presents a unique gaming experience that sets it apart. Notably, it offers cross-platform play, enriching the gameplay further.

    The Ultimate Survival Shooter

    Ready your arsenal, hone your aim, and eliminate your foes with precision. Practice your marksmanship in PvE mode to sharpen your skills for intense PvP battles. With an array of weapons at your disposal, including assault rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs, and DMRs, you have the firepower to swiftly dispatch your adversaries. Take charge of your Fireflies armband, traverse three expansive maps, engage rival squads, and return safely with your hard-earned loot.

    Stealth or Confrontation – Your Choices Matter

    Every move you make shapes your destiny. Will you perish on the battlefield, or will you embrace the shadows and survive? The vast, perilous landscapes provide ample opportunities for strategic play. Navigating stealthily reduces the risk of enemy detection, but food scarcity may force you into the open. Embrace the “high risk, high reward” ethos to eke out a living within the exclusion zone. Scavenge for sustenance, magazines, ammo, and various equipment to upgrade your weapons and refine your skills. Smart tactics reduce ammunition expenditure and enable you to neutralize criminals encroaching on the safe zone.

    Team Up or Eliminate

    Lost Light grants you the choice of forging alliances with your adversaries or eliminating them on sight. Occasionally, converting enemies into allies can be a prudent move. Teaming up with a novice might not be the best decision, but should you encounter a seasoned shooter, consider your options carefully before deciding their fate. A veteran player can become a pivotal asset in future engagements.

    Unleash Your Trading Prowess

    Introducing the novel trading system in Lost Light, catering to the customization desires of mobile shooter enthusiasts. Players can outfit themselves with diverse gear to excel in different game modes. Manage your resources astutely and engage in trade with fireflies at the black market to acquire firearms tailored to various shooting ranges. Lost Light permits limitless weapon and gear combinations, offering boundless possibilities.

    Cross-Platform Collaboration

    Lost Light breaks down platform barriers, allowing mobile and PC gamers to unite and conquer their enemies as one formidable force. The in-game voice chat system ensures seamless communication from the outset, fostering unbroken connections throughout your gaming experience.

    Pros & Cons

    Apart from its mechanical innovations and an array of novel features, Lost Light’s realistic graphics and captivating sound effects propel it into the league of top online shooting games. Players can immerse themselves in intense firefights and the symphony of gunfire. As the game progresses, its complexity may pose a challenge, encouraging continuous loadout upgrades and skill enhancements. With the right tactics, you and your squad can emerge as the last standing team on the battlegrounds. However, some players might find Lost Light’s third-person shooter gameplay somewhat lacking in authenticity compared to first-person shooters. The third-person perspective can occasionally disrupt the immersive experience, pulling you back into reality unexpectedly.


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