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Bus Simulator Indonesia Unleashes Its Biggest Update Yet!

Last Modified - November 5, 2023 News

Description Bus Simulator Indonesia Unleashes Its Biggest Update Yet!

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  • The engine is revving, and the road is calling! Bus Simulator Indonesia proudly presents its grandest update to date – the exhilarating version 4.0 update, now live and ready to redefine your virtual bus-driving experience. Brace yourself for a whirlwind journey through new terrains, the coolest buses, refined mechanics, and a feast for your senses with improved visuals and audio!

    On the 22nd of October, 2023, Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID) unleashed a game-changing update – version 4.0.

    With the previous update, we were treated to an array of fantastic features like the artful livery design, playful horn sounds, and the camaraderie of multiplayer convoys. Now, in this latest 4.0 update, Bus Simulator Indonesia takes things up a notch. Get ready for a ride through new Indonesian cities, a fleet of local buses, and a revamped vehicle system that promises a smoother, more engaging experience.

    New to the world of Bus Simulator Indonesia? If so, allow us to introduce you to this sensational bus simulation game created by the talented team at Maleo. In less than a year since its official release, Bus Simulator Indonesia has roared to life with over 10 million downloads worldwide. It has not only conquered the hearts of gamers but also achieved the remarkable milestone of 100+ million downloads on Google Play, solidifying its place as one of Indonesia’s most beloved games.

    Eager to dive into this colossal update? Watch the official trailer for a tantalizing glimpse of all the incredible changes in store:

    Bus Simulator Indonesia

    Now, let’s get up close and personal with the thrilling features awaiting you in this October update!

    New Adventures in Bus Simulator Indonesia 4.0 Update The latest update for Bus Simulator Indonesia is a treasure trove of fresh features designed to make your bus simulation experience even more realistic and thrilling.

    Fresh City Maps Prepare to explore two brand-new maps: the Sumatra Map and the Java Map.

    The Sumatra Map unfolds over three new regions:

    • Aceh, North Sumatra region
    • West Sumatra region
    • Riau region

    The Java Map expands across four new regions:

    • Jakarta region
    • West Java region
    • Central Java region
    • East Java region

    An Array of New Buses Traffic just got an upgrade in this latest version. You’ll find yourself behind the wheel of 10 additional officially licensed buses, crafted by world-renowned bus manufacturers. These buses sport more realistic designs and interiors than ever before, promising an authentic experience that will blow you away.

    Bus Simulator Indonesia

    Enhanced System Updates Version 4.0 introduces a slew of new animations, including:

    • Water splash animation
    • Dust effect animation
    • Smoke animation (emerging from factories, rice fields, and cement mixers)
    • Quarry animation

    But wait, there’s more! The fun doesn’t stop there. You’ll encounter unexpected delights in this update, such as a ghost in Balikpapan City, mesmerizing waterfalls, and LED streetlights that paint the town in vibrant colors.

    A Visual Feast Awaits The game now runs seamlessly and boasts even more authentic graphics. In addition to these fantastic features, BUSSID 4.0 comes with enhancements in performance and graphics that elevate your gameplay to new heights.


    The BUSSID 4.0 update has already set the gaming community abuzz, receiving accolades for its thrilling new features. With these exciting additions, BUSSID 4.0 emerges as a more comprehensive and captivating bus simulation game.

    But take heed, this is just the beginning! Since the initial launch of Bus Simulator Indonesia in 2017, the dedicated developers have been and will continue to update the game, ensuring an ever-improving and immersive experience for players. The road ahead is filled with promise and adventure – so, get ready to steer your virtual bus into the future!


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